World Futsal League Officially Launched

TAMPA, FL – The World Futsal League (WFL) has been formed and will kick off its inaugural season next summer (June 2023), ushering in a new era of professional futsal. 

Focused on broadening the adoption and appreciation of futsal in the US, the WFL will be a professional futsal league that will operate both a Men’s and Women’s Division, hosting “doubleheaders” on each gameday in each respective market. 

The WFL is founded by a group of experienced sports executives who have owned and operated professional sports teams and leagues for over 45 years. This new endeavor will provide an additional professional opportunity for female futsal/soccer players especially, while providing a fast-paced and fun experience for our fans, even those not currently familiar with the sport. 

“Having hit the ground running in my first couple of months with our four NISL (National Indoor Soccer League) teams, it is clear to me that there is no shortage of talent that can compete at a professional level in indoor soccer. I am so privileged to be a part of offering women an additional opportunity to forge a career in the sport and am eager to be a part of that again with the game of futsal soon,” shared Mary Ellen Rogers, President of A-League Sports. 

Futsal, created in South America in the early 20th century, gets its name from the Spanish and Portuguese words for “indoor soccer” but differs from the traditional indoor soccer experience in many ways. Futsal is played on a hard court, without boards or walls, and features a smaller and heavier soccer ball that allows for high skill development and an even faster and more intense game than traditional indoor soccer. 

“Having owned both professional indoor and outdoor soccer teams, I’ve learned a lot about futsal from players I’ve had on my teams over the past 10 years. Watching game film and scouting futsal players to convert to indoor soccer players was a great way to recruit new top talent for indoor soccer. The game of futsal is entertaining, and requires highly skilled players, I’m excited to be part of launching the WFL and give both men and women new opportunities in the US", said WFL founder, Andrew Haines.  

Michael Taylor, one of the league’s other founders also noted, “We expect to see teams added to the WFL quickly and already have great momentum from prospective owners across multiple markets. The interest in futsal continues to experience tremendous growth and we are thrilled to offer a new way to showcase this sensational sport.” 

The WFL already has commitments from four markets for the upcoming season.  Expansion opportunities are available and interested parties can visit for more information. The league has been closing deals with markets and arenas and will announce its first cities and teams in the coming weeks.  

ABOUT WORLD FUTSAL LEAGUE (WFL): The World Futsal League was founded in September 2022 by a group of seasoned sports team/league owners with over 45 years of ownership experience. The league features both a Men's & Women's Division, competing in double header game days over a 12-game regular season that takes place between the months of June and August, annually. The WFL is committed to promoting and developing futsal at all levels, while providing an avenue for players, coaches, and front office staff to develop their skills and gain exposure for opportunities at higher levels, all while providing high quality, affordable entertainment in the communities we serve. For more information, go to